Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Its Breast Cancer Awareness month starting today October 1. We want to help honor BC month & raise awareness by hosting a fund raiser giveaway with some really cool prizes. Spirit Jump is a grass roots charity that relies 100% on donations from our supporters. We would greatly appreciate any donation no matter how large or small! We help Breast Cancer fighters (as well as anyone battling any type of cancer) during their battle by sending cards & small gifts to lift their spirits! While raising money for research is essential we must remember those battling right now need our love, support and encouragement! To make it fun you could win 1 of these 4 awesome prizes:

PRIZE 1: Awesome CANCER SUCKS shirt with the Do Life symbol in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. This shirt is beautiful, edgy and inspiring. The Do Life brand was created by Victor after he lost his mother to Pancreatic Cancer. The retail value of the Cancer Sucks shirt is $13.00

If you cant wait to see if you win you can always order one by visiting Do Life

PRIZE 2: Beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness hat created by Do Life. This hat is 100% Polyester Twill with Pink breathable mesh sides, reflective safety stripes, 3D embroidered Pink Ribbon symbol on front with DoLife™ symbol on back and velcro backstrap. Retail value $13.00

If you cant wait to see if you win you can always order one by visiting Do Life

PRIZE 3: Beautiful hand painted artwork by Carol Beck of Hot Wax Art This painting was picked out by Meaghan because of its beautify and all the purple used to create it. Purple is a healing color and that is what we all need when battling cancer. Retail value for this item is $50.00

PRIZE 4: This beautiful Angel with pink bordering is the perfect gift for someone battling breast cancer. We all need angels watching over us during difficult times and this piece of art can be hung anywhere in your room so that your angel is always close by. Approximate Retail Value $100.00

For each donation of $1 you will receive 1 entry for this week's drawing 11 entries for $10. There is no limit to the number of entries you can receive. This weeks Giveaway starts Thursday October 1 @ 1:00 pm EDT and ends Friday October 9 @ 11:59 pm EDT. We will draw 4 winner's for this week's giveaway.

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Spirit Jump Giveaway Official Rules:
No purchase necessary. For each donation of $1.00 made to Spirit Jump, donor will be assigned one(1) ticket for this week's raffle and 11 entries for each $10 donation. If you do not choose to donate but would like a raffle ticket at no charge, send an email with your complete name, address and telephone number to spiritjumpraffle@aol.com. All donations or email entries must be received by 11:59 pm EDT on Saturday October 9, 2009. Winner will be selected among all donations/email entries received in a random drawing. Descriptions of prizes listed above. Approximate retail value of Cancer Sucks Shirt $13.00, Breast Cancer Hat $13.00 Purple Art Work $50, Angel Art Work $100.00 All prizes will be awarded. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Spirit Jump www.spiritjump.org

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jennifer Lopez Feelin' So Good (DVD).

Feelin' So Good is the first DVD by Jennifer Lopez (American singer). Feelin' So Good released in November 2000.

Track listing

  1. Program Start
  2. Why Risk a Music Career?
  3. Press Tours/Promotions
  4. "If You Had My Love" (1999 VH1 Fashion Awards)
  5. Beginning of the Year
  6. Introduction to "If You Had My Love" Video
  7. "If You Had My Love"
  8. Introduction to "No Me Ames" Video
  9. Madison Square Garden with Marc Anthony
  10. "No Me Ames"
  11. First Number One Single
  12. Record Release Week
  13. Introduction to "Let's Get Loud"
  14. "Let's Get Loud" (1999 Women's World Cup Performance)
  15. Jennifer's Energy
  16. "Waiting for Tonight" (1999 Billboard Music Awards Performance)
  17. Introduction to "Waiting for Tonight" Video
  18. Introduction to "Waiting for Tonight" Remix Video
  19. "Waiting for Tonight" (Megamix Video)
  20. Jennifer's Mom
  21. Fan Support
  22. Working on Record
  23. Tina Landon
  24. "If You Had My Love" (1999 Blockbuster Awards Performance)
  25. Jennifer Goofing Around
  26. "Baila"
  27. Film Energy vs. Music Energy
  28. Introduction to "Feelin' So Good"
  29. "Feelin' So Good" (featuring Big Pun and Fat Joe)
  30. End Credits

Bonus features

  1. "If You Had My Love" - Music Video
  2. "If You Had My Love" (Darkchild Remix) - Music Video
  3. "No Me Ames" - Music Video
  4. "Waiting for Tonight" - Music Video
  5. "Waiting for Tonight" (Spanish Version "Una Noche Mas") - Music Video
  6. "Waiting for Tonight" (Hex Hector Remix) - Music Video
  7. "Waiting for Tonight" (Megamix) - Music Video
  8. "Feelin' So Good" - Music Video
  9. "Baila" - Music Video
  10. On the 6 - EPK
  11. Interactive Biography
  12. Photogallery
  13. Behind the Scenes (Photoshoots)

source: wikipedia

Jennifer Lopez MP3 Downloads
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I think we can all be Spirit Jumper's ever day of the week. Think about it, do you lift peoples spirits throughout the day? You can do this by opening the door for someone whose arms are full, smiling at a woman on the street who looks like she has been crying or calling your grandparents in the middle of the week just because.

While there are many ways to lift the spirits of those around you we at Spirit Jump have a very specific way you can help us lift spirits. Spirit Jump is always looking for men, women and children who can send cards to people battling cancer in order to lift their spirits. Its really that simple to be a Spirit Jumper.

When you join Spirit Jump you will receive emails from our team with names, stories and pictures of men, women and children battling cancer. If you are able to send a card to, one or all of them, simply reply to the email with the name(s) of those you want addresses for. Then its up to you to send the card, or small gift if you want. As a Spirit Jumper you can always visit our website and click "Jumpees" to see a complete list of names, pictures and stories of all those who are in need of spirit lifting. And, of course you can always email us and ask for any of these addresses.

You can also find Spirit Jump on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

And of course we are always in need of Donations and you can donate by clicking our "Donate" button on this page top right corner.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My name is Meaghan and I am the founder of Spirit Jump. As some of you may know I was diagnosed with 3b cervical cancer a few years ago when I was only 28. Given 20% chance of surviving my spirits were low. Not only was I battling for my life, having chemo, internal radiation, external radiation, numerous surgeries BUT I was also battling for my insurance. Thats right! Shortly after my diagnosis my insurance company, Mega Life, dropped me under their Pre-Existing clause.

I had to make a choice, battle for my life or battle for my insurance - I chose LIFE. But, now that I am alive I am dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt. I receive numerous letters from debt collectors daily, harrasing phone calls and ruined credit scores. I am unable to receive any insurance due to my cancer diagnosis which means I cannot just go to the doctors when I am sick, get prescriptions so I can get healthy etc.....

I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS and that is one of the reasons I started Spirit Jump. To help the many men, women and children battling cancer. Many of these brave people are also battling insurance companies much like I did. I want to help them remember that people out there do love them, are praying for their good health and rooting them on.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Lets honor this month by becoming aware and educating friends and family about Ovarian Cancer.

We at Spirit Jump have gathered some useful information, common questions and answers, as well as personal stories from those who have and are battling Ovarian Cancer. Please take a moment to become aware by reading this post.

Common Questions About Ovarian Cancer

  • What is Ovarian Cancer? ~Ovarian cancer is cancer in the ovaries. Women have two ovaries, one on each side of the uterus. Tumors found in the ovaries may be noncancerous tissue growths (cysts) or cancerous growths that may spread to other parts of the body.(this answer was found on WebMD)

  • What are common signs of Ovarian Cancer? ~Bloating of the abdomen (anywhere between the bottom of the ribs and the area between the hip bones {pelvis}, from side to side). Pelvic or abdominal pain. Trouble eating or feeling full quickly (also known as early satiety).Urinary symptoms as might also be experienced with bladder infection, such as urinating more frequently, having to go urgently, or having pain with urination.(this answer was found on WebMD Blog)

  • How is Ovarian Cancer Treated? ~The main treatments for ovarian cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. In some cases 2 or even all 3 of these treatments will be used.(this answer was found on American Cancer Society Website)

  • Who is at risk for Ovarian Cancer? ~As with most cancers, the risk of developing ovarian cancer increases as you get older. Most cases are in women who have had their menopause. Apart from getting older, your risk of ovarian cancer may be increased by: family history of cancer, having breast cancer, being infertile or having fertility treatments, using hormone replacement therapy HRT, being over weight or tall, having endometriosis, using talcum powder, smoking, saturated fat ( this answer was found on Cancer Research UK)

  • How can I prevent Ovarian Cancer?~There have been no sure ways to prevent Ovarian Cancer and research is still being conducted in this area. Some suggestions are: use of oral contraceptives, dietary modification and exercise, pregnancy & breast feeding, genetic counseling, tubal ligation and ovary removal. (this answer was found on Oncology Channel Website)

If there are any questions or information not listed here that you would like to share PLEASE leave it in the comment. The only way we can become aware is by sharing our knowledge.

Jumpee's Battling Ovarian Cancer

Pamela K.

43yr old mother of 3 boys (16,13,5). Pamela was diagnosed in February 2006 with 3rd stage Ovarian cancer. Immediately she was subjected to multiple surgeries and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. Pamela then went into remission until October of 2008. Again she went into surgery and started more chemotherapy. August (2009) blood work confirmed the cancer was again active and growing. Now Pamela is facing surgery and radiation.

Crystal F.

Crystal is 26 years of age and has stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. She was diagnosed at 22 years old on Nov 15, 2005 and has been undergoing chemotherapy ever since.
On September 2nd Crytal was declared in partial remission. Her doctor said she will probably never be in full remission. Crystal will most likely need to be on chemo for the rest of her life, but with breaks in between.

Jenny M.

Jenny is a Spirit Jumper & Ovarian cancer fighter. Last month we received a message from Jenny that she is in ICU & her liver was failing. The doctors were very concerned that her liver would go into complete failure. Because Jenny has cancer she is not a candidate for a liver transplant. Jenny is out of the ICU and continuing to improve. However, her fight is not over and she is in and out of the hospital on a weekly basis.

Jessica L

Up until this point of the story, Jesica may sound just like many of you mothers out there - and she is, all while fighting a horrific battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was originally diagnosed in June, 2006 and has unfortunately had three recurrences since then resulting in Jesica having to undergo difference three surgeries as well as a hysterectomy. Jesica was recently informed that her cancer was terminal. You can visit Jesica's blog http://www.pixiemarierose.blogspot.com/

Diane R (in the center of photo)

diagnosed with stage 4 primary peritoneal carcinoma in May of 2008. It is a very rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer. The prognosis for this stage of cancer is appx 1 year. The cancer started in the lining of her abdomen and spread to her right lung. She had a complete hysterectomy. Diane has had chemo. Her cancer was now end stage.

The above are only a few of our Jumpee's who are battling Ovarian Cancer. If you would like to read ALL Jumpee stories you can do so by clicking on Jumpee's at the top of this page. If you would like to send a card or small gift to any of these brave women please send us an email: spiritjumper@spiritjump.com

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spirit Jump wants to remind everyone that you can always send a Spirit Jump to any of our Jumpee's. All you have to do is come to our site, click on Jumpee's, look @ the pictures & read the stories. Then, if you want to send a Spirit Jump to anyone send us an email asking for their address......Its that easy!

We send out Spirit Jump Request emails every Wednesday and Saturday. These emails contain new Jumpee's with their stories and pictures. After we send out the email we also put these new fighters on our site under Jumpee's so you can always come here to read the new requests. You can also tell friends and family to visit us and read ALL the stories. We are sure there is at least one story that will touch everyone.

I should take a moment to explain what a Jumpee is for those of you who are new to our site. Jumpee's are men, women and children who are battling cancer and are in need of spirit lifting. It is difficult to battle cancer, painful, scary and often lonely. Receiving a simple card in the mail has the power of lifting spirits no matter how low they may be.

You can be a Jumper if you sign up with us. A jumper is a generous, loving and charitable person who sends cards to those battling cancer. Just a simple card with a stamp is all it takes to touch someone's life. You can become a Jumper by putting your email in the space provided under the HOT PINK Join Spirit Jump Button on the right side of this screen.

Our request this week is for you to read through the Jumpee stories and pick one or even all and ask us for their address so you can send a card and lift their spirits!