Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My day started with an early morning run. I was eager to go running in Sulphur. I set the alarm for 5:50 am and was out the door by 6:15. We were staying at the Super 8 motel which was a little ways from the entrance of the park. I decided to start running that way and to see what time it was when I got to the Park to see how much I would be able to run through it. I turned at 12th Street and was at about 12 minutes when I hit the entrance of the park...I decided to run through the park and come out the main entrance so I could run through at least a little bit of the park.

I hadn't been in there long when I stopped....right in front of me was a white possum! It looked at me, turned, and ran back into the woods. I was excited to see that my animal sighting magic was still with me! A few steps more and there were a few deer! I was so excited and knew that this was the way I was supposed to run!

I ran to Lincoln Bridge without any more animal sightings, but thoroughly enjoying the scenery. The sun wasn't up yet, it was pretty cool (compared to how I remembered it!), and it was very tranquil. I ran through Flower Park and back onto the main drag and back toward Super 8. I didn't stop there though....I pushed a little farther to McD's...I couldn't resist stopping in for my large vanilla iced coffee! Woohoo! I was energized for the day!

Our group's day started with a talk at the Point to discuss the recreation side of the park and then we drove to Turner Falls--not a National Park but to discuss why not and it's effects on Chickasaw as a National Park.

From there we drove toward the Witchita Mountains. Again, not a National Park but an important story to tell and misconceptions to clear up.

We had lunch at a great restaurant called The Plantation in Medicine Creek.

Post lunch we drove to the top of Mount Scott....

Here's Eugene at the top!

The night before, Eugene's mom gave Eugene flags to share with everyone....so we took a group shot on the top of Mount Scott with our US flags! Fun!


Yay Carla and Socrates!

Of course everyone took a ton of photos on top of the mountain!

Christine collected everyone's flags and was sporting a very patriotic look! :)

On the way down, we stopped and learned about skee (I think that's what it's called--I'm suddenly doubting myself because I can't find the geographic definition of it online to confirm!)...it's where there is a landslide of rocks that is smooth....this was huge!

Then, onto Prairie Dog Town! :)

I eagerly took pics with my iPhone and shared them with Owen...

There were several younger pups and they frolicked near the people as mom sat in the background and watched.

But when a Beagle on a leash got too close, all of the little prairie dogs went into jump yip mode and were on high alert!

Of course, Buddy Bison had to have a picture on the range!

As we were getting read to leave the park, we spotted a REAL bison though!!!!

Always a beautiful and majestic site!

Completing another awesome and perfect day!


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