Sunday, July 24, 2011

Larissa Riquelme Photos

Paraguay Fan Larissa Riquelme Photos Hot Stills, Paraguay Fan Larissa Riquelme Photos Cute Photos, Paraguay Fan Larissa Riquelme Photos Photoshoot gallery, Download Paraguay Fan Larissa Riquelme Photos HQ Wallpapers, Paraguay Fan Larissa Riquelme Photos Unseen Pics, Sexy Images - Larissa Riquelme become the most famous fan and most searched person on internet. She is become Paraguay fan and then quickly becomes one of the hottest fan in the World Cup 2010. Larissa is also know Bikini Model in here hometown. Click on read more option to see Larissa Riquelme photos in the World Cup 2010.Larissa Riquelme is a Paraguayan model and actress at the city theatre in the Paraguayan capital Asunción. In 2010

The Wolrd Cup maybe over but sexy model Larissa Riquelme is still heating up the internet. Larissa is the biggest Paraguayan soccer fan ever to walk the earth, it was evident when she made the announcement that she would run naked if Paraguayan won the World Cup. Sadly that didn't happen, but never fear Larissa never lets down her fans.

The World Cup hottie has emerged in a new spread for Paparazzo magazine appearing in nothing but her sexy lingerie. Larissa Riquelme can heat up the coldest, take a look as Larissa Riquelme goes topless in these unbelievably sexy pictures, they are AWSOME!

Where You’ve Seen Larissa Riquelme:  Unless you’ve been a carboard box buried underground, there’s no way that you haven’t heard of Larissa Riquelme by now.  Larissa Riquelme Paraguays hottest soccer fan (I say hottest soccer fan period), and has managed to stay in the spotlight announcing she will dance if Paraguay wins the world cup.  

Larissa Riquelme H 1
Larissa Riquelme

Larissa Riquelme


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