Saturday, May 2, 2009

I received an email with a GREAT offer from one of the Spirit Jumpers, Noreen. Recently we have had many new people join Spirit Jumpers. A few of them informed me that they were hesitant to join at first because they weren't "crafty" or "artistic". I had to giggle to myself because I am the least crafty or artistic person I have ever met. While many of our Spirit Jumpers happen to be extremely talented that is NOT a requirement to be a Jumper. Personally I pick up cute cards and purchase things from some of the Jumpers who have shops.

Speaking of buying things from other jumpers, Noreen made a pretty cool offer:

I would like to offer that if anyone wants to purchase a gift from either of my shops to send from a spirit jumper...I will give a 10% discount and will mail it with a printed note provided by the person who has purchased the item! The Spirit Jumper would have to first convo me through my shop so I could reduce the price and then they would need to send me a note with the name and address of the person being jumped so I can mail the gift to them. I could cut and paste the note from the jumper on a paper to include with the gift.
Noreen Farrington


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