Friday, July 8, 2011

CALGARY - British royal couple Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton ended their visit in Canada on Friday morning and are arrived at Los Angeles, California, on Friday evening (July 8).

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams Say Good Bye After Having Wonderful 9-day Royal Canadin Visit

Dressed in cowboy hats and Alice Temperley blouse, Kate Middleton looked very much into the rodeo spirit that embraced Thursday's Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canada; which pulled out approximately 425,000 royal fans.

Duke of Cambridge Prince William, striding by the side of Duchess of Cambridge, was also dressed in cowboy hats, green plaid shirt, jeans and boots.

The British Royal Couple wrapped up their Canadian Visit on Friday with a visit to Calgary's world-famous zoo. Kate stepped out in a bright red coat for their latest royal appearance, though she and William opted not to wear their new cowboy hats. The pair has had quite a visit to Canada including a dragon boat race, visiting a stampede, and taking in a cooking class.

On reaching California the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received a warm welcome as their plane landed at Los Angeles International Airport - where they were greeted by a procession before being taken to tend to their busy schedule.

More pictures of Thursday Evening and Friday Morning Below:

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams' Last Day of Royal Canadian Visit

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams' Last Day of Royal Canadian Visit


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