Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Milica Tepavac is the winner of Miss Srbije 2011 (Miss Serbia 2011)

Twenty-three year-old Milica Tepavac (center, seated) won Miss Srbije 2011 (Miss Serbia 2011) in a pageant event held on July 7 at Belgrade's Sava Center, reports Blitz. She will represent her country at Miss World 2011 competition to be held in London on November 6.

Bojan Lečić and Branislav Mandic finished as first and second runners-up respectively. Lečić will represent Serbia at Miss Universe 2012 and possibly Miss International 2011.

Special awards went to Milica Tomasevic ("Klas" endorser), Marina Maksimovic (Miss Internet), Jelena Marinkovic (Face of "Hello" Magazine), and Sanja Urosevic (Press Pick). Theodore Bjelica was named Miss Charm.

The winner and all finalists were given scholarships to study at R&B College in Serbia.

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The road to London.

Miss Srbije 2011 will be crowned on July 7, 2011.

WINNER will represent Serbia in Miss World 2011 pageant; while first runner-up goes to Miss Universe 2012 pageant.

Click here to meet this year's contestants.

Vesna Krsmanović

Bojana Lečić

Nataša Stojković

Sanja Urošević

Jelena Marinković

Milosava Garić


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